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Despite the claims of some, a solar system is not maintenance free. In fact if you read your manufacturer’s warrantiy on panels, many recommend professional cleaning up to 3x per year as well as other checks to maintain warranty and perserve output.

If you have a solar system and have been noticing a steady decline in output or your power bills are increasing despite no increase iin usage, you may be wondering what you can do and what is the cause.

Your solar system is a considerable investment and is expected to last 20 years or more so it is disappointing to many when they find a coniderable decrease in output after only 3 or 4 years.

Solar panel cleaning is the easiest first fix if you are noticing a declline in output or an increase in power bills.



Simply washing panels is like cleaning your car windscreen, as soon as you drive off its going to get dirty again. We all know rainwater doesn’t keep windows or windscreens clean. And then you have the added expense of doing this frequently.

Which is why we don”t just clean solar panels, we nano coat them using Solar Shield, an advanced German nano product exclusive to us which comes with a 10 year warranty.

Cleaning then becomes much more infrequent and you can rely more on rainwater even in low rainfall areas to clean your panels. Your energy output is higher for longer.



Getting up on a roof is a daunting task and a safety especially when you add hoses, brushes, detergents, water and sometimes awkwardly placed panels.

We do all solar panel cleaning with insured, safety at heights qualified crew. We bring our own de-ionised water, use cleaning agents specifically for solar panels which won’t harm your roof collected rainwater. Our tools get the job done quickly and safely.



We use the latest nano technology to ensure your solar generates as much power as possible, for as long as possible, to deliver the best value possible. Nano coating form an anti-static ultra thin coating on the surface of the solar panel, protecting against corrosion. It also causes rainwater to ‘bead’ and disperse, rather than pool and set grime in place. Nano coating means panels stay cleaner for longer. If it beads, it’s clean.

The nano coat penetrates and seals the microscopic pores of the glass with a super-slick invisible barrier that helps to repel rain, salt, smoke and road grime on contact. The hydrophobic formula works to disperse rain-drops or hosing from the off the glass and remove these foreign particles.

The coating assists in preventing and reducing the accumulation of environmental contaminants such as dust, mud, dirt, oils, scale, bird droppings, tree dirt and so on from adhering and consequently they are easily removed because they cannot stick to the panel surface. It also gives long lasting protection from dirt, oil, and even scratches.

Due to the high water repellent properties, the surface is protected against corrosion and has self-cleaning activity. It is a water-based formulation, free from silicones and chemical solvents.

The components are safe for humans, biodegradable and as such form no burden for the environment. This unique formula is the peak example of commercialized nano-coatings, providing advanced results with little hands-on effort, and zero risk.



Solar Shield nano coat is exclusive to CQ Solar Clean and is guaranteed to work for 10 years. If the water beads on the panels, it’s working.

Nano coated panels will still have to be cleaned and checked periodically. For example low tilt panels where debris accumulates at the bottom of the panel, bat prone areas or after a weather event.

We offer a very competitve rate for cleaning Solar Shield panels as cleaning is very fast and efficient due to its protective coating.


At a time when homeowners and businesses are generating – and in many cases, selling – their own electricity thanks to solar technology, CQ Solar Clean is helping Central Queenslanders make the most of their investment.

We offer the most advanced, safest and reliable maintenance schedules to keep your panels working at their peak. What’s more, our services typically pay for themselves (depending on your size & tariff rate) and in some cases are tax deductible.

We are members of Australian Solar Council and the Alternative Technology Association. The local community is important to us and we show our support with sponsoring and supporting local charities and events.


We are all about solar, we are not window washers or cleaners as solar panels are a specialist area. CQ Solar Clean specialises in solar panel cleaning, nano coating and maintenance to optimise the performance of your solar system, regardless of size.

Solar Shield is our own proprietary product, tested and trialed under tough Australian conditions using advanced German nanotechnology. It has a 10 year warranty.You well may ask whether we will be around iin 10 years as solar installers have come and gone. As we have government and corporate clients we have considerable insurance, work and environmental policies where we have had to prove these guarantees for that time frame.


Domestic customers can book nano coating & cleaning online, by phone 0418417655 or email

Commercial, industrial or government departments can contact us to arrange a quote. We have comprehensive insurance, environmental, health & safety policies for commercial application.

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