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We are here to help business, whether you are profit or non-profit, commercial or industrial, we will work with you to provide the best performance from your solar panels. Let us offer you a complete solution to ongoing maintenance and cleaning of your panels to decrease the operating costs of your business. Maintenance of solar panels is tax deductible in many cases with commercial systems.

As a locally owned business based in Rockhampton we actively support and sponsor events, charities and other worthy causes.

We are also members of the Alternative Technologies Assn and the Australian Solar Energy Council.




Our technicians are fully trained and qualified in occupational health and safety requirements enabling us to provide you with a compliant and professional service. We have full indemnity insurance and carry out full site/safety inductions prior to commencement of service.

We have two solutions for cleaning and maintenance for businesses and industry who have large solar systems over 24 panels.

On-Off Solar Panel Nano Coat & Clean $10 excl. GST/panel

  • Full visual inspection of system for damage and shade issues
  • DC and AC voltage tests at inverter
  • Checking for discontinued products
  • Earthing test
  • Performance output measurement
  • Clean utilising purified de-ionised water
  • Nano coat
  • Diagnostic reporting stating possible improvements or issues

Initial Nano Coat & Clean plus 12 mth Maintenance Plan $20 excl. GST/panel

  • Your next clean and coat in approximately 12 months with easy monthly payments or a one off payment
  • Set and forget, leave the scheduling to us for your next maintenance based on your system’s specific requirements and local environment.
  • We schedule your next service depending on environmental factors and the specifics of your system to maintain the optimum savings for you.


  • If you have special requirements pertaining to your site or need to know more about the savings we can offer for your business.


Please fill out your company information and system details which we need to provide you with a safe and effective service. Once we receive your request we will forward an invoice and payment link.
  • Once we receive your quote an invoice and payment link will be sent.
  • Number of panels must be more than 30 to qualify for a commercial service.
    Please enter a value greater than or equal to 30.
  • Choose from a one-off service or an initial service plus 12 month maintenance plan.