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Commerical, industrial  & government sectors lose tens of millions of dollars in revenue every year due to the soiling collected on solar panels. With solar energy becoming a dominant source of energy in Australia maintaining clean panels is the key to maximizing output in order to maximize profit.

CQ Solar Clean provides commerical industrial governmet solutions for cleaning solar panels to significantly improve power production efficiency, maximize revenue, and extend the life of the solar panels.

Our customers can clean their sites less frequently which means decreased labour costs & resources along with improved safety and environmental outcomes.



CQ Solar Clean is a dedicated cleaning and maintenance provider in the Australian solar industry.

Comprehensive environmental, health & safety polices have been devloped for the commerical indusrial government sectors.



CQ Solar Clean  uses  the latest nano technology to ensure your solar generates as much power as possible, for as long as possible, to deliver the best value possible. Nano coating form an anti-static ultra thin coating on the surface of the solar panel, protecting against corrosion. It also causes rainwater to ‘bead’ and disperse, rather than pool and set grime in place. Nano coating means panels stay cleaner for longer. If it beads, it’s clean.

The nano coat penetrates and seals the microscopic pores of the glass with a super-slick invisible barrier that helps to repel rain, salt, smoke and road grime on contact. The hydrophobic formula works to disperse rain-drops or hosing from the off the glass and remove these foreign particles.

The coating assists in preventing and reducing the accumulation of environmental contaminants such as dust, mud, dirt, oils, scale, bird droppings, tree dirt and so on from adhering and consequently they are easily removed because they cannot stick to the panel surface. It also gives long lasting protection from dirt, oil, and even scratches.

Due to the high water repellent properties, the surface is protected against corrosion and has self-cleaning activity. It is a water-based formulation, free from silicones and chemical solvents.

The components are safe for humans, biodegradable and as such form no burden for the environment. This unique formula is the peak example of commercialized nano-coatings, providing advanced results with little hands-on effort, and zero risk.



Solar Shield nano coat is exclusive to CQ Solar Clean and is guaranteed to work for 10 years. It has been comprehensively trialed and tested under tough Australian conditions.

Nano coated panels will still have to be cleaned and checked periodically. For example low tilt panels where debris accumulates at the bottom of the panel, bat prone areas or after a weather event.

We offer a very competitve rate for cleaning Solar Shield panels as cleaning is very fast and efficient due to its protective coating.


CQ Solar clean is an Australian co,pany based in Rockhampton, servicing commerical industrial government sites throughout Queensland. We welcome enquiries from other states.

We are members of Australian Solar Council and the Alternative Technology Association. The local community is important to us and we show our support with sponsoring and supporting local charities and events.

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