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CQ's only dedicated solar panel cleaning and maintenance business


CQ Solar Clean specialises in solar panel cleaning, protection and maintenance to optimise the performance of your solar system, regardless of size. At a time when homeowners and businesses are generating – and in many cases, selling - their own electricity thanks to solar technology, CQ Solar Clean is helping Central Queenslanders make the most of their investment.

As the only dedicated solar panel cleaning specialists in the greater Rockhampton region we offer the most advanced, safest and reliable maintenance schedules to keep your panels working at their peak. What’s more, our services typically pay for themselves and in some cases are tax deductible. Our pricing plans are flexible and easy with multiple payment options available on site or online. The cost of regular maintenance is well and truly offset by the resulting improvement in system performance.

We are members of Australian Solar Council and the Alternative Technology Association. The local community is important to us and we show our support with sponsoring and supporting local charities and events.


Unfortunately, many people ‘set and forget’ their solar systems.

Solar panels are like any other asset – the house, the pool, the car, the boat, the shed – they need regular upkeep. Without regular checks and maintenance every nine to 12 months, the likes of dirt, salt, pollution, bat and bird droppings build up on the panels, limiting the amount of sunlight reaching the cells and reducing productivity by up to 25%.

We use the latest technology to ensure your solar generates as much power as possible, for as long as possible, to deliver the best value possible. Our service includes testing, cleaning, nano coating and diagnostic reporting so you will know when we came, what we did and when we will be back.

Want to take the worry out of ongoing maintenance? We can help with that too by offering easy 12 month instalment plans to keep your system at peak and affordable.


Our mobile technicians make the difference. Professional and reliable, we are all about Central Queensland. While Rockhampton is our home base, as the only dedicated solar cleaning service for the region, we service south to Miriam Vale, Gladstone and north to Marlborough . Live inland? We look after clients as far afield as Longreach, Barcaldine, Emerald, Moura and Biloela. Coastal? We cover Agnes Waters, Town of 1770, Boyne Island, Tannum Sands and other coastal towns north to Yeppoon.


For extra peace of mind, CQ Solar Clean also offers Nano Clean technology going well beyond just cleaning your panels. We use the latest nano technology to ensure your solar generates as much power as possible, for as long as possible, to deliver the best value possible. Nano coating forms an anti-static coating on the surface of the solar panel, protecting against corrosion. It also causes rainwater to ‘bead’ and disperse, rather than pool and set grime in place. Nano coating means panels stay cleaner for longer. If it beads, it’s clean.

The nano coat penetrates and seals the microscopic pores of the glass with a super-slick invisible barrier that helps to repel rain, salt, smoke and road grime on contact. The hydrophobic formula works to disperse rain-drops or hosing from the off the glass and remove these foreign particles.

The coating assists in preventing and reducing the accumulation of environmental contaminants such as dust, mud, dirt, oils, scale, bird droppings, tree dirt and so on from adhering and consequently they are easily removed because they cannot stick to the panel surface. It also gives long lasting protection from dirt, oil, and even scratches.

Due to the high water repellent properties, the surface is protected against corrosion and has self-cleaning activity. It is a water-based formulation, free from silicones and chemical solvents.

The components are safe for humans, biodegradable and as such form no burden for the environment. This unique formula is the peak example of commercialized nano-coatings, providing advanced results with little hands-on effort, and zero risk.